Why Logistifie?

We aim to provide the very best logistics solution to small and medium-sized ground transport operators in the London region. Our single-minded dedication towards perfection and continual evolution has made us one of the leading technology firms in the sector and our passion is to help grow your business by consolidating it with immediate effect and then helping it to grow with new clientele and with increasing the current business simultaneously with a combination of our market-leading software and our consultancy services that have a track record within the sector.

We will be your partner to take you on to the next level, the helping hand you need in one of the most competitive, unrelenting and unforgiving sectors anywhere in the world. We will see you through this journey of self-evolution towards perfection and strength so that you will be known as one of the leading firms in your sector. We will give you the edge with our technical support as well as through our consultancy offerings, the edge that will leave your competitors in the dust!


Customer Satisfaction

Keep your customers happy with one of the most efficient booking systems in the market, a booking system that is designed to root out potential errors, one that’s fully tried and tested. As long as you can provide the highest service levels in the market (which means zero service failure rate or as close to zero as possible), accurate pre-agreed billing, and as long as you go the extra mile when called upon, you’ll be in a position to guarantee total maximum customer satisfaction/loyalty. Logistifie, with its advanced fleet management software, can help you tick some, if not all those boxes, and take your business up to a level or two above all your competition. We strongly believe that our “know-how” which is based on the real-time experience of the London and worldwide chauffeur market, combined with our input in coding with our group of “in-house” coding professionals, have produced a market-leading piece of kit that will give you the edge you need to win more customers whilst keeping current customers happy, our systems grant you guaranteed client loyalty.

Chauffeurs/ Driver contentment and loyalty

Keep your chauffeurs and drivers happy with accurate and up to date driver pay summary available to all drivers at any given moment including accurate info on extras such as the waiting time or refundable such as parking charges. Earn your chauffeurs/drivers loyalty through transparent dealings, where they know what they’ll earn for every job before accepting a job and where they’ll see what their invoices will be before they get paid. Our systems even create the invoice for your drivers to bill you, thereby reducing their workload - we are one step ahead of the game!

Safety / Data security

Keep all of your client data secure, always backed up and fault-proof. The smallest details that make all the difference such as passenger preferences, but all such discrete data and info must be secure, and our systems guarantee complete data security with multilevel log in plus 24/7 monitoring of access information that we provide you at all times. If someone is trying to break into your systems and access your data, we will know about it and lock up the systems whilst making immediate contact with you.

Easy to use

A very easy system to pick up and learn, minimal training required, perhaps the easiest yet most efficient in the market. Our systems are a blend of technology and using technology to automate all the processes that can be automated and the rest, that requires human input, we put in controls to limit the element of human error, this makes our system head and shoulders above the competition. Our systems were created by non-industry personnel who learned and became industry experts through the process of trial and error and so our systems have followed a natural flow of development from novices to experts and are therefore intrinsically simple to use. Our systems in fact guide you and help you, you can almost think of it as a control system that helps control the controller to effect a zero service failure end result for your business.

Flexibility, work from anywhere, at any time

All of our systems and software is web-based and so can be operated from any mobile device provided you have a stable internet connection. This enables small operators to run their business whilst on the move, facilitating fast growth and high service levels with a particular emphasis on attention to detail to avoid service failures as much as humanly possible (with the help of automated technology and artificial intelligence).

Massively lowered Costs

Your costs will be slashed as our systems are designed in a way to be run by a single operator, just one individual that can run an entire fleet for intensive levels of work by automating as many processes as possible so that you can just do the absolute minimum to ensure that both your passengers and drivers are happy. You can be the single operator and devote all the time saved on running your operation on sales and marketing or any other area of your business that leads to growth whilst our systems combined with you create a bulletproof logistical cyborg capable of running a business with turnover in the hundreds of thousands, without breaking a sweat and without losing sleep, as you know we’ve got you covered.

Auto Invoicing

Our systems auto create invoices for you to send out to your clients once a month or week or in whatever time frame you choose. The invoicing system has been created specifically by finance people who’ve worked in the ground transport sector where every possible adjustment to invoices has been incorporated into our market-leading invoice capabilities.

App creation capabilities specific to the Ground Transport Sector

We can provide you with a ready-made app for your drivers as well as your passengers or bookers/secretaries/PA’s so that they can make bookings via the app whilst on the move and those jobs end up in your Logistifie dispatch system ready to be allocated to your preferred chauffeur/driver via the driver app where all extras and job details are all stored including GPS data so that your controller team has maximum visibility of what’s happening at all times with your fleet, especially when they’re active on jobs or are due to become active on jobs.

TFL Compliance

Our Software will keep your business 100% TFL compliant at all times and will keep all of your paperwork in order on an as you go basis! When you have an inspection, you will simply go to the TFL compliance sector and within a few clicks, you’ll have all of the relevant paperwork for your inspection printed all in order for a fast, easy and error-free inspection so that you can get back to the business of logistics whilst staying completely compliant and being able to prove your compliance at the click of a button, at short notice – we can prepare you for an on the spot inspection, yes our systems are that fast and organised!!!!!! Take the stress out of all future inspections right now. Our future aim is that your inspections will be carried out remotely by TFL via the Logistifie system hence saving TFL time sending compliance offers and saving your organisation time opening the door and sitting through a paperwork inspection that can in theory be carried out remotely. We are working on this but in the meantime, our solution is absolutely the best in the market as of right now!


Take Your Business To A New Level With Our Intelligent Software - A System Trusted By Several Chauffeur Companies

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