Complete Solution

Looking for a customized dispatch solution to manage your ground transportation? Logistifie brings the most versatile and cost-effective cloud-based software solution for your business. With unique features and a comprehensive solution, you can manage the dispatch and tracking of vehicles, effortlessly.

Mobile Friendly

A mobile-friendly system gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time. All of our systems and software is web-based and so can be operated from any mobile device (provided you have a stable internet connection).

Lowered Costs

Your costs will be slashed as our systems are designed in a way to be run by a single operator, just one individual that can run an entire fleet for intensive levels of work by automating as many processes as possible and streamlining the operation.

TFL Compliance

Our software will keep your business 100% TFL compliant at all times and will keep all of your paperwork in order on an as you go basis! Should an inspector turn up unexpectedly in the next minute or the next hour, your paperwork will be in order for a swift inspection which you’ll pass 100% of the time with flying colours, guaranteed!!!!!!

Elevate Your Business With a Complete Dispatch Solution

Whether you are running a minicab/taxi company or a Limousine/Chauffeur company, our comprehensive and efficient auto dispatch system, integrated with our advanced fleet management system, enables you to manage your bookings and allocate bookings to your drivers easily.

  • Easily categorise your customers based on Corporate, Individual or Subcontractor and bill accordingly.
  • Set auto invoicing to each of your client’s profiles based on the agreed invoice cycle.
  • Categorise your drivers based on the fleet.
  • Send payment statements to your drivers on a weekly or monthly basis.


Let Your Passengers Make Bookings Directly From Your Website

Your customers expect a medium through where they can make bookings easily. Our booking system eliminates unnecessary elements giving a neat and quality experience not only on desktop but also in the mobile version so your clients can book effectively/efficiently without any hassle.

  • Customers can book easily and efficiently directly from the website within seconds.
  • All your customers will have their regular addresses and preferred routes data stored in the system so that bookings become faster and more efficient with every booking as our systems are in constant learning mode.
  • Our systems never switch off and are like your unblinking third eye, the one that watches and governs your business when you need to switch off and sleep.
  • Customers can pay online while making the booking or book it on credit, based on their preferences and your agreement with them (Prepaid or Account basis).

Make Bookings On Behalf Of Your Client Through Admin Panel

Entering a job on the system on behalf of the client is amazingly easy now. The booking system let you enter a job within 10 seconds and will also notify the client via email confirmation.

  • The system stores all data of your regular clients from the previous booking history which makes the booking process super easy without typing each time.
  • No more drafting emails for your clients, our email dashboard has all possible emails pre-drafted and ready to send in just one click.
  • No more manual fare calculation, the system auto-calculates the price for all your booking based on your set tariff.
  • Our system allows you to send booking confirmation along with a secure payment link.


Comprehensive Admin Panel and Booking Summary Dashboard

The powerful admin panel of Logistifie is an all-inclusive platform that gives you full authority over your operation. The summary dashboard has been designed to display the list of present and future bookings.

  • Monitor all the bookings at a time from a single place which makes the management easy.
  • All necessary controlling can be easily done such as tracking of flights, tracking of allocated driver’s ETA, allocation, and bidding of the bookings.
  • Total breakdown of the price to understand the value of the job.

A Driver App To Maximize the Driver’s performance

Our driver app offers all the tools required for a driver to be productive and easily manage all trip requests. With the user-friendly and simple app, the driver can easily accept the bid or the job which has been allocated to them.

  • An amazingly well-designed driver app that any driver, from technophone to tech pro can easily accept rides without hassle.
  • The app allows the drivers to notify the passengers of ride progress whether on-route or arrived.
  • The drivers can also monitor their completed bookings and breakdown of the price and statement which works automatically.


Accounts and Invoice Management To Easily Manage Accounts

We understand the hassle to keep accounts and Invoicing managed and have the invoices paid on time. Logistifie has designed the account and Invoice management to let you manage it in pro-style.

  • Full automated invoice management to reduce manual tasks.
  • Our systems auto create invoices for you to send out to your clients once a month or week or in whatever time frame you choose.
  • The system sends the Invoice to your client with a secure payment link so that your client can pay using it.
  • Our systems even create an invoice for your drivers to bill you.

Take Your Business To A New Level With Our Intelligent Software - A System Trusted By Several Chauffeur Companies

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