Logistifie is a company formed in the year 2020 with the purpose to help chauffeur firms in London to start with, and then worldwide, to overcome the challenges of fleet management and providing new and innovative ways to run your chauffeur business. We achieve this by offering you a complete comprehensive dispatch software solution to automate, manage and modernize small to medium-sized fleet businesses. We strive to exceed expectations by maintaining the highest level of quality and build strong relationships with our clients to achieve success in the long term.


We are committed to delivering you the best quality software to reduce costs and workload whilst increasing efficiency.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in everything we do. We are transparent following through on all of our commitments.


Our team works passionately and is dedicated to giving you the best every time with a mission to modernize fleet dispatch operations and make them as efficient as possible.


With the latest technology, market research and years of effort, we have put into building a robust solution for the transport business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the very best logistics solution to small and medium-sized ground transportation operators in the London region to scale incredible heights. Our single-minded dedication towards perfection and continual evolution has made us one of the leading technology firms in the sector. Our passion is to help grow your business by consolidating it with immediate effect and then helping it to grow with new clientele. And also by increasing the current business volume simultaneously with the help of our market-leading software and with our consultancy services that have a track record within the sector.

Our Vision

We aim to look into the future where chauffeur firms won’t have to grapple with managing their fleets, dealing with invoicing and driver payment invoicing, compliance with the local authorities rules and regulations that revolved around pre-booked transportation. And above all, it is to build long-lasting relationships with our client partners to provide continuous improvement in their business processes. We’re committed to changing the way companies view software by providing the best and affordable solutions. For this, we continue to evolve our software and technological offerings on an ongoing basis as we continue to strive towards perfection through the process of automation and elimination of errors in processes associated with the logistics of your business so that you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business. This is what we have learned and become experts in over the space


of a decade. And with the help of some of the best controllers working for some of the most successful ground transport firms in the world, we have produced our offering to you in our quest to become the number one logistics software firm. Our goal is to help you achieve the highest service levels in the sector whilst also helping to streamline your business leaving you time to invest in areas such as revenue growth.

Our Story

How We Got Here

Logistifie is a company formed as a result of the first-hand experience of running a London-based worldwide ground transport company from 2011. Our company is formed right after the time of the worst global recession in recorded history, right through the global pandemic of 2020 and has witnessed the effects of terrorism, Icelandic volcanic eruptions affecting the travel sector and various other obstacles whilst being involved in one of the most difficult and highly stressful industries, anywhere in the world. It could be said that we had a baptism of fire and have been looking at creating an extinguisher ever since. We have succeeded in doing so by creating the leading logistics software in the London Chauffeur market by far. There is no other software on the market that compares with ours.

How Our Business Evolved - Know Us Better

Our team learned first hand by running our first venture, a chauffeur company and we did so with no prior industry know-how which meant learning fast and ensuring that lessons learned, were never repeated, ever. The learning curve was steep and continued to be as we came to see every possible eventuality and obstacle that could be faced in running a business that was in the business of getting people to place on time, in vehicles, in one of the most congested and heavy traffic-laden cities worldwide, London. We had realised that the aid of software and technology was enabling us to handle business more efficiently whilst reducing errors, staff numbers and spiralling costs. There was effectively an internal arms race of producing technology in-house, on time, to enable us to take on ever-growing challenges and ever more high profile corporate clients that demanded the highest in service levels as well as privacy and discretion. Our passion slowly turned to the technical aspect of creating systems that enabled us to run a logistics business with just one controller working at any one given period of time.

The net result is our entry-level software offering, which we believe to be transformative in the London and worldwide chauffeuring sector. Chauffeur businesses can now rely on an efficient fleet management system, one that increases the ease and number of ways that bookings can be made by end-users or by your own control team, assigning jobs, invoicing, driver invoicing, optimizing routes and coordinating throughout the journey. Most of the above processes can now be fully automated via our dispatch system. Our chauffeur dispatch systems are built on proven technologies that are not only affordable but also reliable and easy to use.

Here’s how businesses can leverage an intelligent dispatch system

The software is cloud-based, ready-made, easy to use, and keeps bookers, drivers and customers happy while helping grow your business. Our target market is small to medium-sized chauffeur firms because we believe that this is the section of the market where the highest quality remains, where the most passion for perfection is, where pride of service delivery is at its optimum. The small to medium business sees every passenger as royalty and every trip as an opportunity to further develop business, as news travels fast when clients are happy. The personal touch, the extras, the attention to details, the attentiveness is very much package and parcel with the smaller firm who are not bogged down with large numbers of disinterested and passionless drivers, where every passenger and driver is just a number on a screen. We understand the difference and it is for this reason that we are looking to partner with small and medium-sized operators and not with the behemoths! We are with you and our passion is to see you succeed. We will go the full distance in ensuring that outcome as your partners on this forthcoming journey.


Take Your Business To A New Level With Our Intelligent Software - A System Trusted By Several Chauffeur Companies

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