Share Platform

Connect with worldwide ground transportation suppliers instantly with Logistifie's Shared Platform. Expand your reach and coverage area by connecting suppliers worldwide. Accept bookings to increase your revenue and share bookings to find immediate cover.

Introducing Logistifie's Shared Platform - your one-stop solution to connect with ground transportation suppliers worldwide.

Logistifie's new Shared Platform feature is designed to revolutionize the ground transportation industry by connecting you with a worldwide network of transportation providers. It provides increased efficiency and flexibility by allowing your customers to get the service they need and experience world class taxi dispatch systems, even during peak times. With real-time sharing, you can either accept a booking or share a booking through the platform, and the driver details and status are automatically shared with the company who shared the booking. This eliminates the need for manual coordination and allows companies to serve more customers with less effort.

With the ability to share bookings and driver information in real-time, this new feature offers unparalleled flexibility and reliability, it not only ensures that you always have availability of coverage, but it also generates more revenue by accepting bookings through “Share Platform” when you have a great availability of resources and low bookings. Join the worldwide sharing platform today and maximise your reach and revenue.

Why We Designed Shared Platform:

At Logistifie, we strive to make the ground transportation industry more efficient and cost-effective. We designed the Shared Platform feature to help our customers overcome the challenges of driver availability and reduce operational costs. Our goal is to empower companies to provide excellent customer service and increase their revenue by sharing their bookings with other Logistifie users. By using our shared platform, companies can expand their business worldwide and access new customers they may not have reached before.

Shared Platform

Features and Benefits of Share Platform Integration:

Our Shared Platform feature is designed to simplify your ground transportation needs, increase your revenue and at the same time, help you to find coverage all over the world and expand your reach and coverage area. Connect to the world now!

  • The Shared Platform helps companies generate more revenue as they can accept bookings through the shared platform when other companies share the bookings.
  • The Shared Platform feature empowers transportation companies to adapt more effectively to fluctuations in demand, by providing them with increased flexibility.
  • The Shared Platform enables you to connect with worldwide ground transportation suppliers and maximise your reach and generate more revenue.
  • Share bookings and find drivers quickly and efficiently in just one click and get driver and vehicle details automatically.
  • No human interaction is required, reducing operational costs, Real-time driver status updates and ETA tracking and Effortless booking updates and cancellations.
Shared Platform

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