Logistifie Offers A Comprehensive Solution For Fleet Management And Control

In this modern era where the people are searching for new ways to effectively optimize their riding experience at the same time, the transportation companies are looking for ways to improvise their businesses. Our taxi dispatch software application designed to work effectively on both the platforms - iOS and Android offers a comprehensive solution for fleet management and control. Multi-features allows the service provider to monitor and track the drivers efficiently and accurately including the accounts and invoices as well. Overall, this software is an invaluable tool to expand the reach and growth of your business and helps change the dynamics of ground transportation service for a better experience.


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Our Fleet Management Module Includes

From allocating drivers, paying them, managing all the bookings, doing all the paperwork, you have a lot to do. Logistifie Dispatch makes it easy to manage all your drivers, passengers and accounts from a single location and make sure your job goes smoothly.

Company Document Logs

Our system monitors and stores all legal documentation which is necessary to meet the legal directives. You can easily add all your requisite document with “Add Document Button” and have a single view of inspections along with the legal documents associated with your fleet. This will help you ensure all vehicles are certified, registered and give you access to a full audit trail of maintenance documentation. We have options to add documents as per the sections such as Certificate of Operating Licence, Certificate of Employers Liability Insurance, Certificate of Public Liability Insurance, Certificate of Vat/Tax, Certificate of Planning permission, Certificate of Data Protection or any Others Documents with ease.

Document Expiration Alerts

Logistifie works proactively to manage your fleet, to help it stay safe and legal. Critical alerts will be sent directly to the inbox, alerting you to any compliance issues or document expiration so that you can take an instant action to avoid future problems and improve business sales by following the user guidelines. Through these alerts, chauffeurs can undertake their daily vehicle check removing the need for manual processes and paperwork. These alerts are fully automated and help saving time and manual effort.

Complaints Logs

Complaint logs help to track, organize and resolve customer complaints and maximizes the productivity of the business by addressing those complaints to effectively to win the favour of your customers. Our system maintains a complaints log section where you can easily monitor the customer complaints and turn those to the favour of your Taxi Business service.

Lost property Logs

If the customer has lost or left something in the taxi during the taxi service, he or she must report for the loss. If you have lost your phone or are unable to log into your app, you need not worry you can contact us directly via email -with the information included :

  • Your registered email (especially if you are emailing us through a different email address)
  • The date and time of your journey
  • And please include the 'lost property' details!

Accounts & Reports

Monitor the progress of your business with the help of account management and reporting. Track the business stats and charts and generate Custom reports and invoicing. Manage your accounts easily with an account management system which includes corporate account summary, personal account summary, subcontractor summary, corporate account booker summary. You can even add a new application.

Easy TFL Compliance pass

Now, passing the London TFL compliance is not that difficult as it has always been. With Logistifie Software we understand the risk of using unlicensed taxis and drivers, so we have got all the hard work done for you. A licensed chauffeur ensures that your passengers are in safe hands. We aim to maintain high industry standards for safer travel and to improve passenger safety.

Pre-Address Management

Logistifie software comprehensive solution includes the pre-address management where you can get the list of addresses which is most commonly used while booking. You can add a new address for the Airport List Summary, Private Airport List Summary, Heliport List Summary, Railway Station List Summary, Other Address List Summary, Coverage Zone Summary, M25 Area Manager (Map) and M25 Postcode Manage and make it easier to manage the bookings.

Automated Tariff solution

Logistifie offers you with an automated tariff solution system where manage all the tariffs of the address you have previously managed. This includes tariffs for point to point transfers (A TO B transfer rate), other than the airport, station and Heliport, As-directed service (hourly price), waiting time policy and charges for airport/ non-airport pick up and several other.

Automatic Congestion job identification

In order to provide a zone-based taxi service solutions, you need to adhere to a taxi management software like Logistifie that has been enabled with the congestion zone management module. In this zonal arrangement, you, as a business service provider, you can follow a fixed fare system for the designed zone where you can fix a standard fare for places that have surging demand for taxis. The Automatic Congestion job identification helps you to easily manage and monitor the congestion zone on a daily basis. The extra section includes special events such as Christmas holidays where the congestion charges are free, you can add more.

Unlimited vehicle category management

Our unlimited vehicle category management helps keep track of the vehicle used for service. This allows you to quickly add the vehicle as much as you require to with proper category details, no.of passengers it can accommodate, no.of big luggage and no. of small luggage it can fit. So that it helps in easy selection of vehicle as per the customer need and demand.


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