Dispatch Software

Logistifie has been designed to manage Reservations (Past, present, future bookings), Drivers & Vehicles (owner-driver, company fleet driver, subcontractor drivers and vehicles), Invoices (Auto & manual generate Invoice, Auto credit control, online & bank transfer method), Driver Payments (Auto-driver payment calculation and statements), Accounts & Customer (Individual, corporate and subcontractor partners) and Booking Summary (let you manage all bookings from just one screen) all at one place.


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Key Features of our Taxi Dispatch Software

From allocating drivers, paying them, managing all the bookings, doing all the paperwork, you have a lot to do. Logistifie Dispatch makes it easy to manage all your drivers, passengers and accounts from a single location and make sure your job goes smoothly.

Accounts & Customers

Logistifie lets you manage your client profile in a pro-style. The system enables you to add an account/client in three different categories based on your customer type i.e. Individual Accounts, Corporate Accounts and Subcontractor Accounts. And for each account, the system allows you to add unlimited, bookers, passengers, office address, home address, other regular address, specific notes, name card with a specific logo, special waiting time and let you customise the notification you want client receiving for job status such as new job confirmation, update, cancel, accepted, on-route, arrive, POB and clear.

Adding Reservations

You no longer need to spend your valuable time entering jobs on the system as Logistifie has designed the booking page and its configuration in a way that enables you to get a job on the system in no longer than 10 seconds and bid or allocate the job to your driver in just one click. The system stores all your booker, passenger and addresses such as office address or home address or any regular route address and allow you to just select while entering a job on the system instead of typing all details for your regular customers.

Booking Summary

The summary pages have been designed for the controllers to control all bookings just from one single page. The Summary page shows full activities of all bookings, such as job status performed by the driver on driver app with colour coding, flight status, Driver’s ETA, job type, vehicle type, the price charged to the client and paid to the driver, total revenue and margin of the day. The summary page allows you to take quick action, such as bidding the job to different category or grade of drivers, allocating the job to a specific driver, or switching the drivers in real-time. This page is second to nothing.

Drivers & Vehicles

We understand the hard work involved in maintaining the papers of all drivers and vehicles and keep it up to date for TFL Inspection. Logistifie has made your life easier with its unique design and development. The fleet management works separately for the fleet driver, owner-driver, and subcontractor driver. The system keeps all documents of all driver and their vehicle maintained and monitor its expiration. A notification is sent to the drivers and admin automatically and keep the driver status on “HOLD” until the new documents get updated. It also allows you to print driver-front-sheet and vehicle-front-sheet including all documents in one click.

Auto Invoicing

Are you still sending Invoices to your customer manually? Are you facing too much hassle to maintain the Invoice log and get it paid on time? No worry, Logistifie has improved the procedures of Invoicing for chauffeur Industry. The system creates price automatically on daily, weekly or Monday basis as per the customer profile set up. As soon as the job gets completed, it moves to “Reviewable” section, where you can review the price and update the job. Once it gets reviewed, it goes to the Invoice generator section automatically and get sent to the customer and listed in Invoice log along with the due date and price breakdown.

Driver Payments

Same as Invoicing, Logistifie has automated the driver payments and statements. Once a job gets reviewed after completion, it goes to the driver payment section where the driver or the controller sees total earning of the driver. The statement gets generated automatically for all drivers based on their profile setup on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and the system sends the statement to all drivers automatically. The driver payment summary shows a full list of drivers and their total earnings for a month (or week) and allow the controller to mark as paid either in partly or fully. If it’s paid partly, the remaining balance is left and display for the controller to make another payment. This way, driver payments are no longer an excel thing to do.

How Our Dispatch Software Helps Your Business

At Logistifie, we offer a broad set of features and flexibility to help you increase productivity and boost your business We help you to get your business digital, smooth your business activities and reduce your daily workload by its automated features. It is not only helping you to get things managed but also let you focus on boosting your revenue by keeping your stress away that you face while doing things manually.

  • We help you to keep your Invoice log up-to-date and manage to get you paid on time to keep your cash flow maintained.
  • We reduce your phone call or text communication with drivers to get you bid and allocate job through our system.
  • We help you to keep your client happy by sending notifications of the job to your booker and passengers.
  • We help you to graph your finance strength by showing total revenue and margin and keep you away from the manual calculation.

Benefits to the Controller

With our Dispatch Software, you can easily keep tabs on multiple drivers across different locations at once. You'll be able to investigate customer feedbacks, complaints and reward good behaviour with ease. Thus it helps keep your drivers and customers satisfied hence booming your business. This helps enhance your bond with the customer as the admin will able to see the caller details before picking up the call. Treat your customers with their name and build a long-lasting bond which they will appreciate.

  • Completing everyday tasks becomes quick, easier and less time-consuming with our taxi dispatch software.
  • You can add as many drivers you wish to
  • Track driver activities and see who is performing better
  • Keep drivers happy by rewarding them for good work
  • No need to buy additional pieces of equipment
  • Dispatch software allows you to see the latest and most urgent jobs on top.
  • There is no more paperwork to note down your urgent jobs. It’s all there, visible at a glance.

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