Dispatch Software

Manage Reservations (Booking, Scheduling, And Dispatch) At One Place. A powerful taxi dispatch software saves both time and money. With this software, thousands of jobs can be easily managed sitting in the office.


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Key Features of our Taxi Dispatch Software

From allocating drivers, paying them, managing all the bookings, doing all the paperwork, you have a lot to do. Logistifie Dispatch makes it easy to manage all your drivers, passengers and accounts from a single location and make sure your job goes smoothly.

Flexible Dispatch Software

Logistifie Dispatch software is flexible and suitable for fleets of all sizes. You can set unlimited prices, zones and tariffs, and you can add and remove vehicles at any time, at no extra cost. Easy-to-read screens show you exactly what’s going on, tracking your vehicles and bookings in real-time.

Easy Reservation Management

In the admin panel, you see all key dispatch features in one tab which allows you to react quickly and work faster. Logistifie’s automatic dispatch function ensures that jobs are allocated quickly and efficiently to the most relevant driver without needing to take on additional operators.

Dispatch Management

You can track every driver in real-time on the map. Controlling all your bookings is easier than ever with minimal possibility of errors. Whether it’s adding new jobs or dispatching the existing ones, all can be managed effectively with a single click in one place.

Customer & Account Management

Passengers can also easily book via telephone, an app or directly from your website. Automatic notification from the software informs the client who (the driver information) and what car to expect when the driver is on the route and when they will arrive at the agreed pickup point.

Accounting and Billing

Manage your customer and driver invoices, billings related stuff at a single place. Raise all your customer invoice with one go and send by email. And the built-in reports give you visibility of your, and your drivers’, earnings.

Fuel Saving

In addition to all, our Dispatch software helps automatically select the nearest available vehicle for the jobs. Thus, saving fuel costs, and also eliminates the problem of competition between the drivers.

How Our Dispatch Software Helps Your Business

At Logistifie, we’re focused on helping our customers find a better way to run their transportation business, and that’s why we are here. Our dispatch software offers a broad set of features and flexibility to help you increase productivity and boost your business. No more calling your drivers to give them all the new booking details! We send automatic notifications after a job is dispatched and drivers get all the details instantly.

  • Our Taxi Dispatch System will simplify your work experience in several ways.
  • customer calls to book but doesn’t convert, our cloud dispatch system keeps track of exactly why he failed to choose you regarding pricing, wait times, etc.

Benefits To Dispatchers

With our Dispatch Software, you can easily keep tabs on multiple drivers across different locations at once. You'll be able to investigate customer feedbacks, complaints and reward good behaviour with ease. Thus it helps keep your drivers and customers satisfied hence booming your business. This helps enhance your bond with the customer as the admin will able to see the caller details before picking up the call. Treat your customers with their name and build a long-lasting bond which they will appreciate.

  • Completing everyday tasks becomes quick, easier and less time-consuming with our taxi dispatch software.
  • You can add as many drivers you wish to
  • Track driver activities and see who is performing better
  • Keep drivers happy by rewarding them for good work
  • No need to buy additional pieces of equipment
  • Dispatch software allows you to see the latest and most urgent jobs on top.
  • There is no more paperwork to note down your urgent jobs. It’s all there, visible at a glance.

We're a creative web design and digital marketing agency