Driver Application

Easily track and communicate with your driver via taxi Driver App. Maximize your company’s efficiency and increase revenue by using our efficient driver app and succeed faster in the competitive market.


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Key Features Of Our Driver Application

The Taxi Driver App offers the fastest way to communicate with the driver and track the ride status with real-time GPS. We present you with a well-structured driver application for your valuable drivers delivering an impressive and powerful experience. Our optimized application for drivers is available on the Play Store as well as on the App Store.

Easy To Use

The application is user friendly with proper function usability, which supports the driver in all possible aspects

Allocate Trips To Driver

Avoid the hassle by calling your driver one by one and send all required information with automatic push updates of trip details in just one-click

Track Driver Progress

You can easily track the real-time position of the driver and the vehicle via the GPS system on the driver’s phone.

External Navigation Option

Our Driver App offers 3D mapping and turn-by-turn voice navigation to deliver an easy and smooth ride to the passengers.

Responsive Application

This application is very responsive as it works well on all latest devices which gives freedom to the driver to access our system in any condition.

Process Payments

Having an app without a payment gateway solution is worthless. Our App supports online payment options to process payments via the app.

How This Driver App Help Grow My Business?

With our Driver App along with the fleet management solution, we can easily take away the complexities in your fleet operation thus increasing productivity and profits. The GPS tracking system in the Driver App uses smart technology and artificial intelligence to monitor each vehicle and driver’s performance for better productivity. With this fleet tracking mechanism, you can easily know what is happening in real-time. For successful management of each job, a daily summary report consisting of login hours, distance travelled, earnings, and total trips covered is provided. This will keep track of the driver’s working functionality. With our regular updates and maintenance, the application keeps getting better and better. With this app, you can easily -

  • Review trip wise-cost and vehicle-wise expense reports calculating the profit.
  • Analyze daily productivity and efficiency
  • Simplify inventory management
  • Control rash driving and speeds.

Benefits To The Drivers

Our App informs the drivers about any special notes included by the Booker for the specific journey. Logistifie’s Driver App makes things fair by simply giving each job to the driver who’s best placed to do it. The driver can also know how much money they are exactly making. A messaging function allows the driver to communicate with the dispatcher quickly and easily saving time and effort

  • Our App is simple and easy to use even for non-tech savvy drivers
  • Drivers can easily view and accept bookings via app
  • They can easily update the trip status in a fraction of time
  • Drivers can know their exact earning
  • Great mapping and directions in the app provide additional benefits to the driver
  • Compatible with any smartphone
  • Easily process payments via App

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