Avoids the wastage of your crucial time, bringing a reliable automated system to you. Get an effortless and sober solution for all of your financial works with our auto invoicing system.


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Key Features Of Auto-Invoicing

Why not remove the trouble to manually calculate, holding on to all the numbers in your head and getting tangled in the long process just to end up making a mistake!

Auto Calculation of Prices

It auto-calculates all the pricing to be done for all brackets, including the transfer fees, VAT, the congestion charge, extra drops, the waiting time charge, and the parking charge.It indexes all the pricing sections for costing of all brackets, simplifying all the calculations to be completed with a statistical vision on keeping track of the profit-loss.

Track Invoice

The integrated time billing of all costs is done at an instance when the journey is finished causing no room for the fuss about the billing. We give you the ability to track the details when the client has received, viewed and paid the invoice. And then the ability to send the receipts on a single click with this seamless auto-invoicing.

Easy Direct Payment

Our auto-invoicing system provides the clients with the wallet option which is linked to your system for easiest and direct payment. Our invoicing system approves other online payments via debit card, credit card, or wallet system.Compatible with any device to manage and pay bills in the most convenient way possible.

Highly Functional

Our auto-invoicing system is the one well-functioned system sufficient for the full billing measurements to be carried out, always keeping you at the top of the financing works.The system is so outstandingly smart which deals with the total invoicing to be done at one easy step.


Compatibility with multiple currencies for invoicing makes our auto-invoicing system an overall package that ignores the struggle to manually convert one currency into another. Our auto-invoicing system gives a view of importance on the real-time dashboard about the sent invoices, estimated monthly revenue, etc.

No Room For Error

Your dedicated drivers don't need to worry about any delayed payments as the credit card of your drivers is directly synced with the system, removing any chances of error during the payment. Our system transacts the payment quickly as soon as the journey is completed.

How Auto Invoicing Helps Grow My Business?

Our Auto Invoicing System has consistently grown and clients from nearly every industry are benefiting from these automated payments. This invoice generation system presents hands-on support by continually analyzing your information for correctness and completeness.

  • Firstly this verifies, then corrects any errors for you virtually eliminating unintended inputs.
  • Our customer service is superb concerning the service standards and we are committed to making sure that all the payments are handled in the most accurate, secure, and efficient way possible.

Benefits For Account Managers

Maintaining all your client’s billing and drivers’ statements is not an easy task. Our Auto Invoicing feature helps raise customer invoices and driver statements within a single click. Our system automatically calculates all the bills thus saving your lots of time and effort in dealing with customers and drivers accounts. You can email these invoices directly to your bookers and drivers without any extra cost and hassle.

  • No late payments
  • Less wastage of time on making bills
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Reduced chances of errors thus building trust in people
  • Improves the cash flow
  • Benefits from the continual renewal of driver payments
  • Brings convenience, reliability, and security
  • Eliminates statements and other billing costs
  • Eliminates finance employee's struggle
  • Enhances your firm’s image and service quality

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